The Chicago White Sox are making fans lose faith in them as a whole

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Chicago White Sox fans and members of the media are all pitching their thoughts on what’s wrong with the White Sox.

People are calling into radio shows in Chicagoland expressing their concerns and feelings about the White Sox. People are writing to a variety of different media outlets expressing their thoughts on why the Sox are having such a rough start to the year.

A few of the reasons why the Sox are struggling are obvious. They have no good offense outside of Jake Burger as no one else can seem to hit the ball.

Their pitching has been less than stellar, even last year’s Cy Young Award runner-up Dylan Cease has looked shaky this season. And don’t forget about the defense or the lack of it. We have seen plenty of instances where the defense has failed the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox are seeing everyone lose faith in them as a whole.

It's been a rough ride so far and we want it to stop.

Who is to blame for the Sox woes? Of course, it all starts at the top with Rick Hahn, the man that put this team together. He clearly has some talent assembled but no one can seemingly do anything about it. It’s just a lump of clay sitting there waiting to be formed and no one is forming it.

The guy who should be forming that lump of clay, Pedro Grifol, is not the manager the White Sox brass thought he would be.

He’s not able to manage the finer points of the game like the umpires, teaching the basics, and giving his team a winning attitude. They play with no fire, no inspiration looking sluggish out there both at the plate and in the field.

The players didn't really seem to care about the losing streak that much. Sure, they seem down when they are being interviewed but they aren’t doing anything about it. You don’t see them going out and playing much better the next day. Instead, it’s pretty much the same old thing day in and day out.

Maybe their first win in eleven tries will give them the kick in the pants they need to get going?

What’s the cure for all of this? A shakeup at the top may be in order for this team. Nothing that they are doing appears to be working. The time to win, for the White Sox, is now and they are not winning.

At this point winning would cure a lot of the problems that the White Sox are having. Winning would give them some momentum to continue to win more games.

Players tend to play better when they are winning and mentally it would be a lot better if they were winning right now. Maybe their win against the Tampa Bay Rays this Sunday will give them the boost they need to win more games and drag themselves out of the cellar.

White Sox fans don’t deserve what they are witnessing game after game from these guys. It’s painful to see your favorite baseball team fall so far so fast and in such a hard way that the White Sox are doing it.

The White Sox are a very disappointing team. They are hard to watch and cannot seem to do much of anything right. Something must happen to shake things up and get this burning train back on track. If it doesn’t, this team is going to be a garbage basement dweller for the rest of the season.

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