The Chicago White Sox can be a good team again in 2023

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are coming off the most disappointing year in franchise history. They had some ups and downs but it was mostly bad relative to where they were expected to be in the standings. After it all, they finished with an even .500 record of 81-81.

It wasn't good enough and they are hoping that they can get back to form in 2023. It won't be easy without Jose Abreu who has been their best player for over half a decade. He is headed to the Houston Astros which is still very painful to see.

It will be on Andrew Vaughn to take over the position of first base for him. It isn't going to be easy to fill those kinds of shoes but he has the talent in order to do it. He was drafted with the third overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft for a reason. This was always going to have a chance to be his spot.

They are also losing Johnny Cueto who was magnificent this year as he ended up being the second-best starter on the staff. Now, they have to hope that Mike Clevinger is able to have a decent year as he was brought in to be the new fifth starter on the staff. We'll see what he can bring.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping that they did enough to win in 2023.

The biggest move that the White Sox made this season is Andrew Benintendi. He is now getting the biggest contract in terms of overall money value (75 million dollars) to play left field for them over the next five years. He will have to be great to get this lineup going in the right direction.

The White Sox can be a really good team again in 2023. With some of the facts mentioned above, another year of Dylan Cease taking a step, and plenty of bounce-back candidates coming in hungry to win, this team might have what it takes to be a winning team again this year.

It won't be easy but they have the horses to do it. The Cleveland Guardians and Minnesota Twins are the other two teams that will have a chance at the AL Central Division title and the White Sox will need their best in order to be the one that gets it. Hopefully, everything works out well.

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