The Chicago White Sox can still target these two free agents

The Chicago White Sox still have moves to make.
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Folks, believe it or not, Spring Training is coming up here soon and the Chicago White Sox will hopefully be ready for it. While they have had a few lower-level free agent signings this offseason, they haven’t made the big “splash” that many people thought they would. But never fear folks, there is still time and there are plenty of quality free agents available for the White Sox. They need to strongly consider at least one big-time free agent signing to help get them into a winning position.

The White Sox are notoriously not big spenders and we have seen that throughout their recent history. They also don’t appear to land big-time free agents. Last year, their biggest free agent signing was Andrew Benintendi. It's probably because of their budget, and that has caused them a lot of trouble. Instead, they seem to gather in the not-so-big-name guys in hopes that they will help form a team that wins.

It kind of reminds me a little bit of Moneyball or even Ozzie Ball.

The White Sox need to stretch that dollar and bring in good free agents. The question is, will they? Let’s say that they surprise us and do bring in a free agent or two that are worth some big money. Let’s say that the Whtie Sox are intent on winning this year and not waiting. There are two free agents out there, right now, that could help the White Sox should they be willing to spend the money to get them.

Let’s look at those two free agents that could help the White Sox and see what they might be able to do for the team.

Blank Snell

Big reach, maybe? It’s no secret that I thought that Blake Snell would be a great addition to the White Sox and he would be. If the White Sox could afford him. Oddly, Snell hasn’t been picked up by a team just yet. We are heading to the start of Spring Training and no one has signed him to a deal. Maybe something is wrong? Maybe he’s asking for too much money or he is secretly injured. Maybe teams just aren’t that interested. But, if I were Chris Getz, I would be trying to find a way to get him signed on my team.

This would hold especially if they were to let Dylan Cease go in a trade. The White Sox would then lack a big-time pitcher and Snell could fill that role. He will cost a pretty penny, but the White Sox need to do what they must do to start building a winning team. And Snell is the kind of guy that you can build a team around. With Snell, and Luis Robert Jr., as the cornerstones of the franchise, the White Sox could do no wrong.

Getting Snell would be huge for the Sox.