The Chicago White Sox can still target these two free agents

The Chicago White Sox still have moves to make.
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Whit Merrifield

Whit Merrifield, a second baseman who has had some success in the big leagues, might be someone that the White Sox are interested in at second base. Right now, they don’t have a spectacular or even solid option at second base. They may be looking to fill that position with someone who is at least competent and draft the position for the future. Merrifield is a guy who is solid and could be a nice addition to the Sox.

One other thing about Merrifield that is good is that manager Pedro Grifol knows him from their days with the Kansas City Royals. Merrifield has been with the Toronto Blue Jays for the last two seasons and has performed well with them. He’s got experience playing in a great system and, despite the fact he’s 35 years old, still has something that he can contribute to the team. He had a .272 batting average in 2023, so if he can continue to play that well in 2024, the White Sox would be better off having him with them.

Also, count the fact that he played in 145 games last year, and you have a guy who still hits the ball well and has some longevity.