The Chicago White Sox did nail one decision during the off-season

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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The controversy that followed Abreu's departure from the south side was a big deal revolving around the Chicago White Sox for quite some time.

After a month into the 2023 regular season, it's time to start thinking about who's the better option at the first base position for the White Sox. Is it Andrew Vaughn or Jose Abreu?

Andrew Vaughn came into the 2023 season with high expectations. Now that Abreu is gone, it has been his turn to permanently take on the first base role.

When he and Abreu were teammates, it forced him to play positions he wasn't necessarily comfortable in.

That led to fatigue/soreness in his legs near the back end of the 2021 and 2022 seasons. 2023 has allowed him the freedom to play baseball how he always has and it has given Vaughn a chance to play to the best of his capabilities.

The Chicago White Sox might have made the right decision at first base.

His last at-bat in April was immense as he hit a three-run bomb to end the White Sox's ten-game losing streak. He also stepped up big on Opening Day when he knocked in the game-winning run in Houston against the reigning World Series champions.

In 106 at-bats, he is slashing .255/.358/.434 with three home runs and 20 runs batted in. He also has a .358 on-base percentage and an OPS+ of 117 which is above the MLB average. Andrew Vaughn had a good month of baseball but many expect him to get better as the season continues.

Vaughn is capable of hitting more than just three home runs per month and it will be interesting to see if the power numbers start to surge as the weather gets a little bit warmer.

For Jose Abreu, it has yet to be nearly as successful as Vaughn. Abreu doesn't seem like the player he once was during his time in Chicago. He hasn't found a groove in Houston and it will be interesting to see how the rest of his season pans out. He does have a track record of starting very cold.

The former man of power has a -0.7 WAR after April and it's arguably been the worst first month of baseball he has ever played in the big leagues. His OPS+ is the lowest it has ever been in his career.

He is slashing .235/.267/.270, which is also horrendous, especially considering it's Jose Abreu. He has lost all of his power and his bat speed was slower than usual in April.

Jose Abreu as an Astro is not the same Jose Abreu that was a White Sox. His digression has occurred way earlier than many thought it would have.

Overall, through one month of the 2023 MLB season, Andrew Vaughn is miles ahead of Jose Abreu. At the moment, it makes the decision of not resigning Abreu an intelligent move.

It's Vaughn's time to shine at first base and although it was hard seeing Abreu leave, it was the right decision.

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