The Chicago White Sox should take advantage of the potential Tampa Bay Rays fire sale

Wild Card Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Guardians - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Guardians - Game Two / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

One of the biggest rumors in Major League Baseball land right now is the one that suggests that some big moves are going to be coming from the Tampa Bay Rays over the next little while. This is something that the Chicago White Sox should take advantage of.

The Rays are a hard team to make deals with because they usually end up looking smart in the end but this time it is different. They are probably going to be giving up some good players this time and there will be a few teams that are smart for looking into it.

The White Sox were 81-81 in 2022 after a very bad year and need to make some big improvements. We don't know for sure what their true intentions are for this off-season but we can guess that they want to fill the obvious holes on the team. This might be a good way to help.

We also don't know for sure which Rays players are on the market but it is fair to guess that a few pitchers will be for sale. The White Sox could sure use some extra arms for their rotation and bullpen going into 2023.

The Chicago White Sox could use some new good player via a trade.

You can make a claim that the Tampa Bay Rays are a model franchise in Major League Baseball. They don't have the history of a New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, or even Chicago White Sox. However, they are one of the smartest teams in the league.

If the White Sox can get their hands on a good player from that organization that can help this team win, they should do it. It would be amazing if it was a player that is good at his position in addition to bringing a wealth of experience to the team.

If the White Sox and Rays were to make a deal, you would think that it'd be one that helps them both in the present day as they want to be good teams again in 2023. We will see if they actually go through with some of these moves.

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