The White Sox have no excuse to not sign Elvis Andrus right now

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox don't act like a team that is trying to win. For a while, they had everyone fooled into thinking they were. The rebuild looked really promising following some moves made in 2016 and 2017. They said all of the right things and made people think they were for real.

Since the 2020 season ended, when the plan seemed to be working, they went downhill. They hired Tony La Russa to be the manager and they fooled some folks in 2021 by seeing everyone play above expected.

They got very good production from guys like Billy Hamilton, Brian Goodwin, and Yermin Mercedes amongst others that year and that masked some major issues going on with the team including injuries.

The 2022 season painted a good picture of what is actually going on with this team. One of the people that almost saved them, in the end, was Elvis Andrus. The White Sox landed him after he was DFA'd in the latter portions of the season and he was awesome.

The Chicago White Sox should be bringing in Elvis Andrus for 2023.

Now, he still remains unsigned by any team with just a couple of weeks before spring training. The Chicago White Sox have absolutely no excuse not to be all in on him at this stage of the off-season. If he was willing to play some second base, he would be perfect for this club.

Tim Anderson is back so Andrus would have to settle for 2B but that is something that he is more than capable of doing at this stage of his career.

Right now, without Andrus, the plan is to use Romy Gonzalez as the starting second baseman and Lenyn Sosa as the backup option. That is not the second base tandem (at this point in time) of a World Series caliber team like the White Sox think they are.

It is time for the White Sox to do the right thing and sign Andrus (if they aren't going to even go above that and make a trade for someone really good. Andrus earned the right to stick with this team if he is willing to make a position change. Also, if Tim gets hurt again, they'd have a great backup option. This is a no brainer.

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