The White Sox send Dylan Cease to the Orioles in one of these 3 trades

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The Chicago White Sox could make a few more moves before the deadline on Monday. There are a lot of good players that they have that they could trade away.

One of them is Dylan Cease. We still don't know for sure if they have opened that door for other teams to consider but there are reports that they might have.

Cease is an elite pitcher that is going to get interest from everyone that is considered a pitching buyer before Tuesday afternoon.

One of those teams is the Baltimore Orioles. Cease would look great playing for them at this point and he'd be on a winning team. One of these trade packages could get it done:

Trade One

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The Chicago White Sox could get a big-time haul for Dylan Cease.

The Chicago White Sox better look for a haul if they are going to send Dylan Cease away. They should accept nothing less than four good prospects with at least two of them in the top 100.

Jackson Holliday and DL Hall are the two top 100 prospects coming back to the White Sox in this trade. Holliday is a shortstop and Hall is a left-handed pitcher.

It never hurts to be deep at those two positions in the farm system. The White Sox would be smart to continue stockpiling talent all over the diamond for the future.

Drew Rom and Carter Young are depth prospects that may or may not turn into MLB talents one day. Seeing them as throw-ins for a Dylan Cease trade is not a bad idea though. Baltimore's prospect farm is very strong and the White Sox could take advantage.