The White Sox send Eloy Jimenez to the Brewers in one of these 3 packages

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox - Game Two
Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox - Game Two / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox have some thinking to do before Tuesday.

The Chicago White Sox probably don't want to actually trade Eloy Jimenez. His injury history and the fact that the team isn't good could easily force their hand but they don't want to.

However, a package like this would be hard to think about. Jackson Chourio is the number one prospect in Milwaukee's system and the number two prospect in all of baseball.

Getting a guy like that is great for a player like Jimenez who is always hurt. Is Chourio as good as Jimenez when both are healthy? That remains to be seen but it is an option to consider.

Justin Jarvis is their number 30 prospect and might not be a Major League Baseball player but it never hurts to acquire a guy like that.

After a tough weekend series for them, it would be nice to see them add some offense. Eloy Jimenez can help them do that in bunches as long as he stays healthy. It is possible that they do a better job keeping him healthy because they are smart.

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