The White Sox should sign one of these remaining free agents but they won't

San Francisco Giants v Minnesota Twins
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The Chicago White Sox have a lot of needs right now. They could use help at second base, right field, a fourth outfielder, and some extra pitching.

There are plenty of ways to address the needs. One of the ways, although it may be the least successful, is to use what you have from within.

Obviously, that is exactly what the White Sox plan on doing with their current group. However, that doesn't mean that it is right.

They should be looking to fill in the cracks of their roster with some depth help. There are still plenty of free agents out there that can be considered. They should think about one of these three but they won't:

The Chicago White Sox should be trying to bring in new players for help.

1. Tommy La Stella

The San Francisco Giants let Tommy La Stella go to make room on their roster for other players. He is now a free agent that can go to any team that he chooses. He would make a great fit with the White Sox as he could play some second base for them.

He might even end up being a pleasant surprise as he was a very good player before a disappointing 2022 season. Going for him would be the smart thing for the White Sox to do before the off-season is over.

2. Josh Harrison

Josh Harrison has been a great player in his Major League career. White Sox fans obviously know him well as he played for them last season. He wasn't a great player or anything like that but he would certainly be better coming back than Romy Gonzalez or Lenyn Sosa.

He is still on the market and brings a positive vibe to whatever team he is on so the White Sox should consider bringing him back for another go.

3. Tyler Naquin

Tyler Naquin is a player that Chicago White Sox fans should know well. He spent the first five years of his career in Cleveland. He then spent 2021 and the first half of 2022 with the Cincinnati Reds. Mid-season, he was traded to the New York Mets.

Naquin isn't all that but he can provide some extra depth to the outfield. With Luis Robert being injury prone and possibly a rookie in right field, they could use a solid fourth outfielder right now. Naquin would be perfect in that role for them.

Of course, it is obvious that the White Sox are done making moves ahead of spring training so don't expect anything to get done but all of these guys would make great fits.

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