There are a lot of options for the White Sox Opening Day roster

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals
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As we get closer and closer to Opening Day, one of the main questions for the Chicago White Sox remains who will end up making the roster. With only nine days until the first game, the White Sox have some tough decisions to make.

One of the more considerable upsides of the 2023 White Sox spring training process was the high level of play from rookie Oscar Colas.

Colas has batted .265 with three home runs and four runs batted in. He also has a stolen base along with a .749 OPS.

On top of that, he has only struck out five times in forty-six plate appearances. White Sox fans can assume Oscar Colas will be on the Opening Day roster. If he's not, the White Sox would be making a significant mistake.

Colas has power and he also defends his position very well. Colas is expected to now be the right fielder in 2023 and it will be interesting to see how he grows as a baseball player throughout his first major league season.

The Chicago White Sox have a couple of big decisions to make soon.

Pedro Grifol said before spring training started that there are no givens on who is and who isn't making the team, including Oscar Colas. Colas took that as a friendly competition and proved to everyone in the organization that he deserves a chance to be a factor on the 2023 roster.

Knowing Colas can now play center field on top of right field, who is the odd man out when it comes to the Opening Day roster? The answer has to be veteran and longtime Chicago White Sox utility man Leury Garcia.

Billy Hamilton is a guy who can help you produce runs on the base paths and Leury Garcia isn't making him the odd man out.

Leury Garcia has one of the more significant contracts on the roster so it will be interesting to see what the White Sox end up actually doing.

There are seven guys on the bubble of who breaks camp with the team. The seven are Gavin Sheets, Hanser Alberto, Leury Garcia, Billy Hamilton, Jake Burger, Romy Gonzalez, and Adam Haseley. The White Sox can only keep four of the seven.

The White Sox need guys off the bench that produce and Grifol knows by the end of camp that he will have the right guys needed to play baseball the way he wants his roster.

Hanser Alberto and Billy Hamilton play Pedro Grifol-type baseball, meaning you can expect the two to be on the roster for game one. It also again hurts Leury Garcia's chances.

At the end of the day, it's time for Leury Garcia to depart from the south side. If the White Sox care about winning, the right decision would be to cut the veteran and move on to other options.

Pedro Grifol wants leadership from his bench role players and Leury Garcia hasn't been a leader since his first year with the team.

Alberto is a guy who can spark a clubhouse while also playing productive baseball, making it a pretty simple answer/solution if the White Sox are willing to eat the money on Garcia's controversial deal. Alberto can add in 2023 what they didn't have in 2022 and needs to be on the opening day roster.

Gavin Sheets should also be a lock for the opening-day roster because he is a power bat from the left side and can produce defensively from multiple decisions.

Pedro Grifol has liked what he has seen from Sheets from both sides of the plate and he should be expected to play at a high level throughout 2023 in his key bench player role.

With Seby Zavala being a lock for the backup catcher job, assume Jake Burger, Romy Gonzalez, and Adam Haseley to start the year with the Charlotte Knights.

At the moment, there isn't a spot for them on the big league roster but it doesn't immediately mean they won't get called up at some point throughout the 2023 White Sox season.

Grifol has a plan for this season and his input will play a significant role in what the organization will decide to do before they start their opening series in Houston.

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