There is nothing wrong with Eloy Jimenez's wanting to play the outfield

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers
Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

There are a lot of people talking about Eloy Jimenez and the comments that he made about playing the outfield in 2023. Obviously, he would be moving to right field instead of left because of the fact that Andrew Benintendi is there now on the richest contract in franchise history.

The issue here isn't that Jimenez is a bad outfielder. He is but you can deal with that sometimes when they are such a good hitter as Jimenez is. The issue is that he hasn't been able to stay healthy over the last two years and playing the outfield decreases his chances of changing that.

There are people upset about this notion. It makes sense becasue he is an outstanding hitter and folks want him in a uniform on the field. However, there is nothing wrong with Jimenez saying this stuff about playing in the outfield.

He is a competitive guy that wants to play. Just because he is saying that he wants to play doesn't mean that he is going to. That is ultimately up to Pedro Grifol who is the manager of the team. Eloy doesn't really have a say. However, it is nice to know that he is obsessed with getting better.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping for big things from Eloy Jimenez.

If Eloy's obsession with getting better helps his improve, maybe some health will follow. He is a very important piece for this team's success and they need him badly.

Being the designated hitter is probably his endgame but he doesn't have to like it. That means that they believe he isn't good enough for the field. Why shouldn't he try to prove them wrong? He may never do so but the spirit is in the right spot. This mentality is anything but an issue.

Again, Jimenez should probably not be in the outfield on a regular basis. However, if injuries or poor play of others force this into action, it is better to know that he is ready for it. He has the potential to be a top flight player on this team and it is up to him to go prove it out there.

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