There is no point in firing Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol right now

There is no point in firing Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol right now as the team is terrible with or without him.
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. At 2-13, they have the worst record in the league and are off to the worst start in franchise history.

The transition from Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams to Chris Getz has been hard as it has allowed this terrible start. The team is moving in a new direction but nobody seems to know where it is going.

They have Pedro Grifol as the manager right now which is a disaster. There were some promising things about him at the time of the hire but in hindsight, it was a terrible decision right from the start.

At this point, it is clear that he is the worst manager in all of Major League Baseball. He may end up being a good one someday but he is in way over his head right now.

The White Sox need to move on from Pedro Grifol but they might as well wait

With all of that said the bad talent on this roster is hardly his fault. He is a terrible manager of this bad talent but he didn't build the team.

Firing him now would be completely pointless. You could put the greatest manager in MLB history in that dugout and he wouldn't make this group better.

If you have the worst roster in your division by a wide margin, it doesn't matter who the manager is. They might as well stick it out with Grifol now to end the season.

Pray that he makes the players build a better culture to leave behind. There isn't much good that can come in any other area but this would be a good start.

They can't allow it to be this bad beyond 2024. If they do, they will lose the fanbase even more than they have. In the off-season, it would then make sense to move on from Grifol in the process of adding more talent to the roster.

This is already a lost season and we are now halfway through April. Grifol being there or not makes no difference.