These 3 Chicago White Sox players can just be cut right now

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
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2. Jake Diekman

There is no reason to keep Jake Diekman on the Chicago White Sox.

The big trade deadline acquisition for the Chicago White Sox in 2022 was Jake Diekman. They traded Reese McGuire to the Boston Red Sox in order to get Diekman.

McGuire was terrible for the White Sox too so it didn't matter but he started to heat up once he ended up in Boston. It made it feel like the White Sox are actually cursed because Diekman starter to play horribly.

Diekman has been nothing short of a disaster in a White Sox uniform which is why they need to just let him go. There is no reason for him to throw another pitch for them at this point.

If they were to let go of Bummer and Diekman, they'd be in a hole with relievers but it would be more fun to see them try to develop younger players than just trotting out the same bad players every day. Obviously, this recipe isn't cooking anything good.