These 3 Chicago White Sox players can just be cut right now

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
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3. Mike Clevinger

Mike Clevinger shouldn't be with the Chicago White Sox anymore.

For one, Mike Clevinger is a very questionable human being. He was investigated by Major League Baseball all off-season which should have been enough of a red flag all along.

Outside of that, he just isn't a good pitcher at all either. He had a few starts early that made it seem like he was coming back to pitching well but now we know that the advanced stats that suggested a regression is coming were correct.

He has been terrible over the last couple of starts and it is so clear that having him on this team is a negative in every way. These starts could be going to someone else in AAA that deserves a chance a lot more than he does.

They should have cut him before he ever threw a pitch for the team but now that he is clearly bad is even more of a reason to consider it. Hopefully, the team starts to make some good decisions soon.

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