This former White Sox star is getting on Yankees fans' bad side already

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels
New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in bad shape as a baseball team. Nothing is going right for them in any way, shape, or form.

However, it would be nice to have Carlos Rodon on the team still. He really turned his career around there at the end of his White Sox tenure but then he left in free agency because the organization was too cheap to retain him.

Now, he is with the New York Yankees. They aren't having all that good of a season (by their standards) either as they are in last place of the AL East.

Although all White Sox fans would sign up to be the Yankees right now, their fans aren't too thrilled. Expectations mean a lot in baseball.

Former White Sox SP Carlos Rodon isn't off to a good start in 2023.

Well, Rodon is already doing what he can to get on the bad side of Yankees fans. They don't like when their players are horrible.

He was nothing short of horrible on Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Angels which is tough to see. He fell to 0-3 on the season after giving up six runs on four hits and five walks. eh only struck out three batters as well which is so unlike him.

Rodon did miss the first half of the season coming back from an injury but now he seems to be getting worse as he works his way into a routine.

It is one thing to play poorly, it is another to do what Rodon did in this game. At one point, when they were down 4-0 on the back of Rodon's bad pitching, the Yankee fans there were letting him hear it a little bit.

He thought it would be a good idea to blow some fans a kiss as they were giving him grief while he was walking back to the dugout at the end of an inning. Spoiler alert, that is not a good idea for Rodon.

The New York Yankees are different. That fanbase is different. They expect to be a good team every year. We could only wish the White Sox were like that.

Carlos Rodon is already making them mad with his performance and his lack of awareness with his decision to taunt the fans.

We can only hope that Rodon figures it out soon because nobody in White Sox land wants to watch him struggle. Hopefully, it gets figured out there quickly for him.

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