This outfielder could really help the Chicago White Sox in the offseason

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

There was a huge trade in Major League Baseball over the last few days. The Toronto Blue Jays traded Teoscar Hernandez to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for Erik Swanson and Adam Macko. It is a big deal in the baseball world as a great outfielder was moved in Hernandez.

Now, the Chicago White Sox can try and take advantage of this trade happening. Seattle adding someone like Hernandez to the mix might make some of thier other outfielders available to the rest of the teams looking for upgrades.

The White Sox should try to trade for someone like Jesse Winker if he becomes available. There are already rumors out there of Winker's availability and he would just be a perfect fit for the White Sox right now who could desperately use another outfielder that is actually an outfielder.

He isn't that great defensively but the White Sox have had first baseman in both left and right for far too long. He is also a mostly great offensive player which is something that the White Sox need more of in 2022. There are plenty of better options out there for the White Sox but this seems like a realistic fit.

The Chicago White Sox could use a major upgrade in their outfield.

In 2022, Winker had a down year offensively but it is sounding like he didn't mesh well with the Mariners even though they had one of the best seasons in franchise history. With some of the playoff experience that he gained, he could still be a valuable addition to the White Sox.

There are plenty of red flags with him as a player but there are going to be plenty of teams in on him if the Mariners are serious about trading him away. The White Sox should leave no stone unturned as they evaluate upgrades to the team during the offseason.

The Mariners also have a few pitchers that are rumored to be gone and the White Sox can be in on them as well. Maybe a blockbuster type of deal could help both teams get something that they need for 2023. Rick Hahn has to consider all of his options.

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