Tim Anderson is cool with his White Sox future no matter how it goes

Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have had some great moments with Tim Anderson up to this point. He has developed into an elite player that helped the team become a winner.

Big-time moments like the walk-off home run at the Field of Dreams or his home run off of Brad Keller stick out earlier in his career.

Unfortunately, Tim has not been that player this year. He was the starting shortstop for the American League All-Stars in 2022 but hasn't been the same guy since.

There have been some off-the-field issues that he dealt with and it is clearly making an impact on his play on the field. That part, as far as everyone should be concerned, is none of our business.

The Chicago White Sox need more from Tim Anderson going forward.

It would just be nice to see that fire in Tim Anderson again. He has the skills to be so much better than he has been over the last year or so.

Before this tough run, he was set to make a lot of money on his next contract. Now, it is hard to justify giving him 100+ million dollars. It is almost hard to justify keeping him for the rest of this season.

In a recent interview, Anderson revealed his opinion about his next step. He admitted that he is okay with either outcome. If he is on the White Sox going forward, he is cool with it. If he isn't, he is also cool with it.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that approach. What else is he supposed to say? He needs to work on his craft and be better regardless of what team he plays with.

The White Sox are a bad organization that probably aren't very fun to play for at times. There is no doubt that Anderson probably thinks about what it would be like to play for a team that cares about winning. Anyone would.

If the White Sox can get something great for him, they should do it. If they can convince him that winning will be a priority going forward, that would also be nice too. We will see.

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