Trade rumors are starting to swirl around the Chicago White Sox

Garrett Crochet and Luis Robert Jr. are reportedly available on the trade market.
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Crochet should be extended instead.

He should be the pitcher the Sox build the rotation around. He has proven so far that he is a stud on the mound. While the White Sox have plenty of pitching depth in their system, it is still unknown if any of their prospects will develop into starters, let alone an ace.

Crochet is an All-Star appearance away while continuing to pitch like he is right now (the man shut down the Brewers' potent offense for cripes sake!) from being a certified ace. That is a guy you extend especially since he does not turn 25 until July.

The only way the Sox should consider trading Crochet right now is if they get a Godfather offer of prospects or if Crochet informs the Sox he is being represented by Scott Boras--then there is no hope of an extension.

The other reason the Sox should hold onto Crochet and Robert Jr. is they need some draws at the box office. Sure, Colson Montgomery and Bryan Ramos are promising prospects, but they might be nothing more than their floor which is solid everyday players. The pitching prospects they have are promising, but pitchers only go every five days. Robert Jr. is worth the price of admission, and it makes sense to keep a young pitcher right now that you can pay to see pitch every five days.