Trading for catcher Christian Vasquez could be a sneaky good move for the White Sox

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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The Chicago White Sox need help with their catchers. Guys like Yasmani Grandal and Seby Zavala are gone which leaves some question marks in that spot coming into the 2024 season.

Korey Lee and Edgar Quero are prospects that White Sox fans might be hoping to catch a lot of games for them in the future. Of course, that would be great because it means they are good players worth playing a lot.

However, relying on prospects heading into a season is not a good idea. They need to be trying their best to land help in that department this off-season. It might not be a bad idea to even get two veteran catchers for 2024. At least one should be a must at this point though.

A veteran catcher to consider is Christian Vasquez of the Minnesota Twins. If they are willing to trade within the division, the White Sox would be wise to add a guy like this.

Christian Vasquez is a guy that can help the Chicago White Sox's rotation

Vasquez, before finding his way to Minnesota, played for the Boston Red Sox from 2014-2022. He won the World Series with them in 2018 and he was a big part of it.

Halfway through the 2022 season, however, he was traded from the Red Sox to the Houston Astros. There, he won the second World Series of his career. Now, he can say that he has a ton of great playoff experience that can help any team.

In 2023 with the Twins, he didn't have the best year which is evident in his -0.3 WAR. He only slashed .223/.280/.318 with an OPS of .598. He also only hit 6 home runs, had 32 RBIs, and 34 runs scored. Those are some pretty bad numbers.

He didn't play the full 162 by any means but he did appear in 102 games which is a lot for an older catcher. Even if he isn't a stud anymore, his presence could help the younger players on this team.

Vasquez himself would probably rather play for a contender but he should also know how much he can help a team like the White Sox. It probably won't happen but the White Sox should be trying to get a guy like this.

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