Two Chicago White Sox players who deserve more playing time and two who deserve less

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Who is the one player that should see less playing time?

Nicky Lopez and Andrew Benintendi

You could go with Benintendi here or even Lopez. It’s a tie between the two. There just isn’t a spark when these two are in the lineup. As a leadoff hitter, Benintendi’s number one job is to get on base. He’s barely doing that.

Now, granted the rest of the White Sox offense isn’t getting on base that much overall but still. You must start looking at someone and Benintendi is a guy that’s costing this team runs and chances. He’s just not doing much.

One could say the same about Lopez. While he’s a good fielder, he's an uninspiring hitter (uninspiring might be a good word to describe the whole of the White Sox right now).

The White Sox need offense, and they aren’t getting it from Lopez. Chicago needs to make some adjustments and maybe seeing less of Benintendi and Lopez are the adjustments that they need to make.