Two early-season problems for the Chicago White Sox that won’t go away and one you shouldn’t worry about

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals
Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals / Reed Hoffmann/GettyImages
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Poor Offense/Cold Bats

The White Sox offense has been colder than a January day in northern Alaska. They have not been able to get anything going save for a handful of home runs.

Things did seemingly improve a little bit when they played the Royals in their final game of that first series but it wasn’t enough for them to grab the win. The defense didn’t help them at all either but the bats were ice-cold.

This is a problem that likely won’t go away and there are several factors that will prevent them from having a strong offense this season. Injuries are one, less than average players are another but poor coaching and managing could be a cause for some of what we are seeing.

Now granted, it’s only been just a few games into the season and perhaps, with a lot of luck, the White Sox could turn the ship around but this is very unlikely. The ship is rudderless and they just aren’t able to find their way. Don’t expect them to climb out of the basement this year.