The Ups and Mostly Downs of the Chicago White Sox

Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

If you are a fan of the Chicago White Sox, there isn’t a whole lot to get excited about these days.

The team is in a historic slump. Records are being broken, and not in a positive way. All across the board fans are getting frustrated. This team is headed towards losing well over 100 games and it looks like there is no end in sight.

It would appear as if this team is going to be miserable for the remainder of the 2024 season and could lose a record amount of games.

Folks, there are highs and lows for every team in major league baseball these days. The White Sox just seem to have more lows than highs.

In the spirit of positive thinking it’s always nice to look at any team that’s seemingly sinking fast in a somewhat positive light. After all, we aren’t that far into the season. The White Sox could turn things around and make all of our lives easier, right? Probably not but hey, wishful thinking is what keeps hope alive. Hope is about all we have left as White Sox fans.

One of the positives to share about the White Sox includes the starts of a couple of members of their pitching staff. Garrett Crochet, a former reliever, is on fire racking up the strikeouts in bunches. Unfortunately, he’s not getting the support of his offense. That’s a bummer for Crochet and the rest of his teammates.

Nick Nastrini got his first start the other day and he looked promising. Collecting five strikeouts in five innings pitched, Nastrini sure looked like the real deal. Of course, the opponent wasn’t able to figure much about him out because it was his first start. Teams will be able to key in on him the more starts that he makes but he’s an exciting and interesting prospect. Expect some big things out of him in the future.

The biggest downside for the Sox is their lack of offense.

They cannot seem to score runs much less hit the ball. They struggle mightily when it comes to trying to get on base and when they do, no one can seem to bring them home. They have had runners in scoring position plenty of times but cannot seem to get them around third and to home.

That doesn’t help you win games. The White Sox need more offense but with the team that they are throwing out there every day, they can’t generate a winning offense.

Things need to change.

The White Sox have also seemingly been bitten by a “bad luck” bug. They just can’t seem to win the close ones, even when it looks like they are cruising towards a victory, a loss is had. Injuries suffered are bad luck for this team as well. They can’t seemingly catch a break when it comes to players getting hurt.

Ending their six-game losing streak is a step in the right direction. Maybe they will be able to build upon that and start heading in the right direction. They need more offense but the pitching is starting to look better. Maybe the White Sox are on their way up.