Watching the playoffs should infuriate Chicago White Sox fans

Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game Two / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The 2023 MLB postseason is well underway. The Wild Card slate of games is complete. There were four series matchups and four sweeps. Honestly, the way things are going should really annoy Chicago White Sox fans

For one, the Minnesota Twins were one of the teams to win their series. Of course, that is the AL Central champion making noise in the postseason. The White Sox set out to be that team when they started their rebuild but have failed to take it to the next level.  

The White Sox not dominating the AL Central Division over the last two years is really bad based on all of the hype that the team had after 2021. They are clearly a failure in that department.

There are tons of other teams winning playoff games now that had a similar blueprint as the White Sox and are doing it much better. Teams like the Philadelphia Phillies, Atlanta Braves, and Baltimore Orioles have spent a little bit of money to surround a nice core that they built. The White Sox couldn't get that done either.

The Chicago White Sox are one of the worst-run organizations in the sport.

Now that the Twins have won a series, the Sox have the longest postseason series win drought in the American League. The last time they won one was in 2005 when they literally won the World Series. That was a great year but it was a long time ago now. The Cincinnati Reds are the only NL team with a longer streak.

Watching these playoffs is infuriating because the White Sox could have been one of those teams right now. They had everything lined up to be one of them and they blew it. They didn't develop prospects to the best of their ability and they didn't spend money.

This Division Series weekend is going to be so exciting but it is sure to make White Sox fans even more annoyed. Seeing all of these teams that got off to similar starts in their rebuilds and play in significantly smaller markets do better is horrible. Maybe one day the ownership group and front office will wake up and see.

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