White Sox: 2 reasons to keep Lucas Giolito and 1 to let him go

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago White Sox
Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago White Sox / David Banks/GettyImages
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With the ongoing rumors revolving around Lucas Giolito as the trade deadline gets closer, it raises a prompt, should the White Sox keep or let go of their right-handed starting pitcher?

There's not technically a wrong or right answer, considering both choices have the potential of both upside and downside. It's really going to come down to the organization taking a risk on one of the options.

They can either lean on Giolito being a dominant starting pitcher in the future or flip him for a haul of prospects that can make a more significant impact than he has during his tenure with the club.

Here are two reasons why the White Sox should keep Giolito and one reason why it might be time to let go.