White Sox: 2 reasons to keep Lucas Giolito and 1 to let him go

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago White Sox
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Reason to Keep:

The Chicago White Sox need starting pitching going forward.

The Chicago White Sox are going to need people to pitch in 2024.

There is a more considerable risk that comes with trading Giolito that not many people realize. The reason is, who is going to start for the Chicago White Sox in 2024?

Lance Lynn will most likely get traded, Mike Clevinger will go through the free agency process once again, and Michael Kopech can't stay healthy. There's a chance if Giolito is dealt, the only consistently healthy and effective pitcher on the roster is Dylan Cease.

Giolito is still in his younger years, and keeping him a part of the organization can give the White Sox a reliable arm instead of taking a chance on somebody else.

Of course, money plays a part in this, and not knowing the amount Giolito is planning on asking for in his new contract plays a factor, but if it's at a reasonable price, the organization should consider it rather than just rapidly moving on from the situation.