White Sox: 2 reasons to keep Lucas Giolito and 1 to let him go

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago White Sox
Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago White Sox / David Banks/GettyImages
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Reason to Keep:

Lucas Giolito wants to stay in Chicago.

Unfortunately, sometimes a player's say doesn't mean anything at all when it comes to an organizational move but based on what Giolito has said about the club, it would make a trade that much harder for the fanbase, Giolito, his teammates, and his family.

If one of your players is saying what Giolito is saying about the team, an organization should want that type of guy still on their team.

Giolito wants to make it work with the White Sox, and it should at least make the organization realize that there are two options to decide on within the next couple of weeks.

The south side of Chicago loves Giolito; if a trade is made, the organization better be positive/confident about the haul they get in return.