White Sox: 2 reasons to keep Lucas Giolito and 1 to let him go

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago White Sox
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Reason to Trade:

The White Sox could move Giolito to help with the future of the team.

Assets that come in return for Lucas Giolito can help them get better.

The White Sox are in need of different pieces, whether Giolito is traded or not. They need depth/consistency in their lineup, along with arms that can maintain health throughout the entirety of a major league season.

The Dodgers and Reds have shown reported interest in Giolito, and both organizations have spots the White Sox need to fill in for future seasons.

If the White Sox chooses the right prospects that fill positional needs, then the White Sox should find the best trade situation possible.

They should only make the trade if they feel comfortable doing it rather than forcing Giolito's departure.

The White Sox have some thinking to do with how they will handle Giolito along with other players on the roster. Hopefully, for the sake of the fanbase, they, for once, learn to do the right thing.

It's going to be a heartbreaking next couple of weeks. Buckle up and enjoy the ride to the best of your ability.

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