White Sox 3 all-time best first baseman in franchise history

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1. Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas is the single best player in White Sox franchise history.

This is a list of the three best first basemen in Chicago White Sox franchise history. If this was a list of the ten best players in franchise history, Frank Thomas would also be number one. Nobody ever was as good as an individual wearing a White Sox uniform as he.

Thomas can be argued as the greatest right-handed hitter in the history of the sport and it would be hard to argue against him. For a long time, he was one of the most fierce hitters in the league that nobody wanted to face. He hit 448 home runs with the White Sox alone which is the most out of anybody.

He is the franchise leader in all-time home runs, doubles, RBIs, walks, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS, and offensive WAR amongst many other categories. He was a decent first baseman defensively but his bat is what made him the greatest White Sox player ever.

When it comes to the Chicago Mt. Rushmore, Michael Jordan, Patrick Kane, Walter Payton, Scottie Pippin, and a few others come to mind. Frank Thomas is definitely in the conversation and is arguably one of the greatest Chicago athletes ever.

First base is a position that the team has done extremely well with. Hopefully, the next generation can keep that going.

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