White Sox: 3 biggest hurdles for Chris Getz to get over

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
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2. Leadership Issues

The Chicago White Sox have some leadership issues in their organization.

The Chicago White Sox don't really have the best manager in Major League Baseball. They actually haven't had a good one since Ozzie Guillen.

On the roster, they don't exactly have a Derek Jeter or Paul Konerko leading the way either. There is a serious leadership issue with this team right now and nobody there seems to care.

It is time for Chris Getz to care. Not everybody is a leader and that is okay. But they can't have any players that do the opposite of leading either.

Getz needs to upgrade the leadership of this team in every way. It starts with being a good leader himself.

It would be nice to see a new manager come in under him along with some players that bring an element of leadership. This clubhouse clearly has some issues that need to be addressed.