White Sox: 3 Gavin Sheets trade packages with the Philadelphia Phillies

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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Trade Two - To Phillies: Gavin Sheets, To White Sox: Hans Crouse

The Chicago White Sox could be into a pitcher in a trade like this.

If the Chicago White Sox traded Gavin Sheets to the Phillies, he'd be joining Josh Harrison who was with Sheets and the White Sox in 2022. He'd also have outstanding hitters to learn from like Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber, and Trea Turner.

That Phillies team is very good which is why they might be willing to part with some good prospects to fill small holes. After Hoskins got hurt, they have a medium-sized issue at first base. Gavin Sheets would be a solid cover for a year.

Hans Crouse is a right-handed pitcher that was a second-round pick in 2017 by the Texas Rangers. Now, he is with the Phillies looking to break into Major League Baseball. At 24 years old, he might be ready for a shot.

The White Sox are going to need as many arms as they can get this year and Crouse might be someone that can help them out. For Sheets, who is someone who is just another good bat to the White Sox, this could be a deal worth considering. He is their number 15 prospect.