White Sox: 3 Gavin Sheets trade packages with the Philadelphia Phillies

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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Trade Two - To Phillies: Gavin Sheets, To White Sox: Ethan Wilson

The Chicago White Sox can aim high if they are trading Gavin Sheets.

The Philadelphia Phillies are desperate for a first baseman. The whole league knows it too because of the unfortunate injury to Rhys Hoskins. That is something that the White Sox can try and take advantage of.

Philly also has a surplus of outfielders. In addition to some good ones at the Major League level, there are some good prospects too. Six of their top 12 prospects are outfielders so they can afford to part with one of them.

Ethan Wilson might be their number seven prospect but he is the third-ranked outfielder. At 23 years old, he is getting close to being ready for a chance at the Major Leagues. Once he is ready, the White Sox might be good to give him a shot when there is an inevitable injury or bad performance.

We don't know for sure if either of these two teams would want to do something like this but it is an interesting option to think about. Regardless, we can only hope that Sheets can find some long-term Major League success while the team improves as well.

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