White Sox: 3 holes that need to be addressed by the trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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2. Right Field

The Chicago White Sox need to fix the position of right field and fast.

Right field, like second base, has been a major issue for the Chicago White Sox over the last handful of years.

They have tried the likes of Adam Eaton, Nomar Mazara, and AJ Pollock amongst others and they have all failed.

Gavin Sheets and Andrew Vaughn have played there from time to time but first baseman shouldn't be in the outfield. Sheets still plays it regularly which is a major problem.

Oscar Colas was supposed to be the guy coming into the season. He is a nice young player and a top White Sox prospect but he was not good to start the year.

Now, Colas is in the minors and things aren't going great for him there either. It would be surprising to see him back up again in 2023. If the White Sox want to make the playoffs this year, right field needs to be a major concern before the trade deadline.