White Sox: 3 insane trade packages for Dylan Cease

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are in a deep hole. They have been doing some winning recently but that doesn't erase how terrible they have been for most of this season.

If they fall back into the same patterns and start to lose again, it could get very ugly. They rebuilt this team and it just doesn't seem to be panning out the way they wanted.

Moving some of the pieces that have value might be the way to get the rebuild going again. That may mean that people are going to see their favorite players sent away.

One of those players could be Dylan Cease who is an outstanding starting pitcher. If the Cy Young runner-up was dealt, the deal might look something like this:

The 2023 Los Angeles Dodgers have an elite farm system right now.

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers make a lot of sense in a few different trades. The Sox have a few pieces that the Dodgers could use in their quest to win another World Series title.

Dylan Cease is one of those players. They can get an absolute haul from them too which is nice because they have a loaded farm system.

We have seen the Dodgers sell from their elite farm in recent years for big-time stars and Cease is a big-time star.

Diego Cartaya and Bobby Miller are their top two prospects. One of them (Cartaya) is a position player and the other (Miller) is a pitcher so this is an even return for the White Sox in terms of starting another rebuild.

River Ryan is also a right handed pitcher like Miller. He is their number 12 prospect. Jorbit Vivas can play both second and third base and is their number 17 guy.

A haul like this would be great for the White Sox if they are forced to move on from Cease.