White Sox: 3 internal options that make more sense than trading for a player

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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2. Oscar Colas

Bringing Oscar Colas back up may be something the White Sox consider.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that has had issues in right field for a long time. Well, the days of playing first basemen out there should be over.

They could trade Gavin Sheets to a contender that needs a lefty power bat. They can move anyone out of the way that thinks they deserve right field more.

Colas was already called up this season but he didn't hit the ground running in MLB. Now, he is kind of struggling in AAA Charlotte as well.

When the season first started, there was legit hope that he could be the American League Rookie of the Year. It didn't take long to realize that wasn't happening but he can still become a good MLB player.

If he finds his game over the next couple of weeks, it would be much better to have him in the mix than trading for a player. The future isn't bright enough to bring in external options at this point.