White Sox: 3 Los Angeles Dodgers trade packages for Tim Anderson

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Things seem to be (somewhat) on the rise for the Chicago White Sox but most people already have pegged them to be sellers at the trade deadline.

Maybe they will be sellers even before that as they want to get this rebuild 2.0 in motion if necessary. If they continue to fall in the standings, they might start to make some big moves.

They have a lot of players that would be worth something to other teams in the league and Tim Anderson is near the top of that list.

The Los Angeles Dodgers feel like a really good landing spot for Tim if he became availble. These are three trade packages between the Dodgers and White Sox that include Tim Anderson:

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The Chicago White Sox could get a haul for Tim Anderson in a trade.

The Chicago White Sox get get a lot for Tim Anderson in a trade. In this package coming back, Los Angeles sends their number one, four, twelve, and twenty prospect. That is a great return.

Diego Cartaya could be the answer to the long term question marks at catcher with this team. He is the number one prospect that Los Angeles has and he could make a difference in the White Sox organization so soon.

Gavin Stone is also extremely highly touted. He is the number four prospect there but he could be the number two guy with the White Sox (if they also added Cartaya).

River Ryan and Jonny DeLuca each could become great players but added them in this trade is in hopes that you hit on one of them knowing it is possible that you hit on neither.