White Sox: 3 Los Angeles Dodgers trade packages for Tim Anderson

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There are lots of ways a Tim Anderson trade with Los Angeles could go.

The Chicago White Sox are in a world of hurt right now. Trading Tim Anderson in 2023 is not something we ever thought we'd be saying.

Unfortunately, however, that is the dark truth of the situation. You're probably lying to yourself if you say you can see Anderson being there when this team is ready to compete again.

Sending him to a team like the Dodgers would be doing him a solid. It would also be helping the White Sox organization if they can get something good from a deal like this.

This type of prospect haul in this deal presented here would go a long way. Bobby Miller is the number two guy in thier farm system while Andy Pages is at number six.

Dalton Rushing could also be an answer at catcher if he continues to develop. The Dodgers don't need to keep him knowing that their number one prospect is also a catcher.

Kyle Hurt is a right handed pitcher that may or may not hit as a player but he is a good added piece to the trade.