White Sox: 3 Los Angeles Dodgers trade packages for Tim Anderson

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The Los Angeles Dodgers could get a lot from the Chicago White Sox too.

Tim Anderson doesn't have to be the only Chicago White Sox player included in this deal. They can also have Lucas Giolito go to Los Angeles with him which would be a really nice boost for them as they look to win the World Series again.

Adding a stud shortstop and a great pitcher could really help them. This would end up being the big blockbuster trade of the season if it went down like this.

Having so many of Los Angeles's top five prospects come to the White Sox would be a great start to the rebuild 2.0. It is just a question as to whether or not the Dodgers would want to part ways with prospects like this.

Maddux Bruns is their best left handed pitcher on the farm so seeing him come over would be cool as well. At least two of the guys mentioned on the prospect side of things should end up being good Major League players.

As mentioned before, it would be more fun to see them become buyers because they are great but it isn't going to go that way this year. Seeing Tim Anderson leave is going to be very tough if it does end up happening.

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