White Sox: 3 Lucas Giolito trade packages with the Dodgers

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages
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To White Sox: Dalton Rushing (C)

To Dodgers: Lucas Giolito (RHP)

A one-for-one trade could make this really smart for the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox don’t have much to be excited about when it comes to the long-term answer at catcher. In fact, that should be near the top of their priorities right now.

Well, they could use Lucas Giolito to take care of that problem if they are smart. The Dodgers could be the answer to it all.

First of all, they have one of the best catchers in the world on their roster right now. Will Smith could even be argued as the top catcher playing Major League Baseball at this moment in time. 

The Dodgers’ top prospect is also the number one catching prospect in all of baseball and his name is Diego Cartaya. He is also the 20th overall prospect in the MLB Top 100. 

He is sure to be a great catcher in the Major Leagues really soon. It will be interesting to see how he blends in while Will Smith is still there. 

It gets crazy for Los Angeles though as their number three (48th overall in MLB) prospect is also a catcher. His name is Dalton Rushing. 

The White Sox should absolutely try and get Rushing from the Dodgers if they can. There is no reason for Los Angeles to keep both of these top-catching prospects with Smith at the MLB level. This deal makes so much sense for both teams.