White Sox: 3 people that could replace Rick Hahn as GM

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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2. David Stearns

David Stearns makes so much sense for the Chicago White Sox GM job.

David Stearns is someone that is highly coveted. The New York Mets, who are almost as disappointing as the White Sox, really want him.

He stepped down from the Milwaukee Brewers job before this season began but he is serving the final year of his contract in an advisory role.

Stearns did a lot of great things while leading the way for the Milwaukee Brewers. He brought in tons of great players and they were a top-three team in the National League for a long time.

They never got into the World Series but they came close a few times. A guy with a resume like this is a great idea for the Chicago White Sox.

It is going to be hard to beat out a team like the Mets for his services but you never know what kind of agenda he has as a general manager looking for work. We'll see where he lands.