White Sox: 3 people that could replace Rick Hahn as GM

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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3. Theo Epstein

Theo Epstein has proven that he can fix just about anything in baseball.

Theo Epstein is one of the greatest baseball executives who ever lived. At a young age, he helped the Boston Red Sox end a World Series drought that was approaching a century.

They have remained a solid organization long after he left. You can argue that the Red Sox are who they are today (Epstein has been gone for a long time now) because of what he built there.

The same thing could be said for the crosstown rival Chicago Cubs. After he left Boston, he came to the Cubs and ended their 108-year World Series drought.

He made smart move after smart move while he was there. That included helping guys like Anthony Rizzo and Jake Arrieta revive their careers after some hard times. It was a great run there too.

The Cubs didn't just go back to being a horrible organization when he left either. Yeah, they did some retooling but nothing so crazy that people consider them a bad franchise again. With the foundation that he left behind, they are back to being a contending team again.

After ending two very long World Series droughts, he has been away from the game for a little while. Now, he might be looking to come back.

He doesn't really have to do much else to cement his legacy but coming to fix the mess at 35th and Shields would make him look even better.

Regardless of who the White Sox hire, they need someone that can run this thing in a different way and with confidence. We can only hope that this next person helps them start winning again.

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