White Sox: 3 players to cut now that the season is half over

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team. The season is now officially half over and we can say that will full confidence.

They are through 81 games with a record of 34-47 which is good for fourth place in a bad AL Central Division. That is 6 games out of first place.

Winning this horrific division is their only path to the playoffs because they have no chance at the American League Wild Card.

Now that the season is half over and we know they have no chance, it is time to start thinking about the future.

There are some players that just don't deserve to be there anymore. These three players should be cut right now:

1. Aaron Bummer

The Chicago White Sox should cut ties with Aaron Bummer right now.

Aaron Bummer has been pretty bad for the Chicago White Sox for a long time. Pedro Grifol likes to use his left handed arm whenever the matchup sees fit but playing the matchup game doesn't work when the pitcher is straight up bad.

They'd be better off throwing a better right hander in literally all of these situations. We have literally seen Aaron Bummer lose baseball games for his team this season.

It happened as recently as this series as Mike Trout moved to third and then scored on two passed balls in a tied bottom of the 9th.

The White Sox have already cut Jake Diekman and Jose Ruiz this season. Both of them were replaced by better options so they should try the same with Bummer. No replacement could be much worse than he has been for a while now.