White Sox: 3 players to cut now that the season is half over

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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3. Clint Frazier

Clint Frazier has no business being on the 2023 Chicago White Sox.

Backup catcher Seby Zavala probably deserves an honorable mention but at least he plays a position that the White Sox aren't stacked at.

Yasmani Grandal has been okay with his bat but his glove is terrible behind the plate. For that reason, Zavala is necessary right now.

That leaves Clint Frazier as the third player on this list. He is a former high prospect in the New York Yankees system but has bounced around a little bit. Now, he is on the White Sox and he doesn't do much to help them win.

He is a negative WAR player, his batting average is below .200, and his OPS is in the 5's. No matter what metric you like to evaluate a player, he is bad at all of them.

Playing plenty of other people in the organization would be smarter than using Frazier as much as they do.

All of these guys would make the team better by no longer being there.

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