White Sox: 3 possible replacements for Pedro Grifol

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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2. Ozzie Guillen

The White Sox probably should have hired Ozzie Guillen in the first place.

Ozzie Guillen is the most successful manager in the history of the franchise as he is the only living person to ever manage them to a World Series title.

A lot of time had passed following his departure from the team but his name was in the hat to be hired again during the off-season. They chose Grifol but that might have been a mistake.

if they hired Ozzie right now, that could be the boost that the team needs to get back into contention. If they rattle off a big month they can be right back in the race and Ozzie has done it before.

As a host of pre and postgame on NBC Sports Chicago in addition to his pure love with the team makes it clear that he knows the team well. He is a fitting person for the job and everyone (including the fans) would be rejuvenated with a move like this.