White Sox: 3 possible replacements for Pedro Grifol

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3. AJ Pierzynski

The White Sox might want to take a big risk with their next manager.

AJ Pierzynski is one of the more beloved players in the history of the Chicago White Sox. He is a legend for helping the 2005 squad winning the World Series.

Since his career has ended, he has dipped his feet into the media side of things. He has been an analyst on TV and now he does great things with a podcast of his own.

He is clearly a very knowledgable person with a great White Sox passion. It would be really cool to see him become a Major League manager one day. We've seen a lot of great catchers go on to become amazing MLB managers in the past. AJ might be someone to consider.

This one is a bit more of a dart at the wall than the other two but he feels like a person that would make sense for this job. Don't be surprise if he tries it one day whether it is with the White Sox or someone else.

The White Sox are unlikely to make a managerial change this season but it is interesting to think about who may come in should they make that type of move this year.

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