White Sox: 3 solid second-basemen to consider for the 2023 season

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The Chicago White Sox already found the fix to replace what Johnny Cueto will leave behind in the rotation. They already found someone to come in and play left field. There are internal options to play right field that might not be a complete disaster.

As a result of these facts, second base is the biggest need at this point in time. If the season were to start today, Leury Garcia, Romy Gonzalez, and Lenyn Sosa would be the three candidates to play the position. None of them are suited to take that job and run with it right now.

Elvis Andrus probably isn't coming back either with Tim Anderson returning so they can't even really explore moving him to second.

They are likely going to have to upgrade from the outside if they want to improve that situation. These three candidates are the best options right now:

The White Sox can still get a good second baseman from the outside.

1. Jean Segura

Jean Segura is the best available free-agent second baseman out there right now. He is someone that would come in for a few years and lock down this position until the White Sox can find someone for a more full-time basis.

Segura brings a wealth of MLB experience as well which might be valuable for this White Sox team. He just finished a season with the Philadelphia Phillies in which they won the National League. He would be just perfect for the Chicago White Sox in 2023.

2. Nick Madrigal

Nick Madrigal may or may not be good but the Chicago Cubs didn't get a good year out of him in 2022. He was injured a little bit again but nothing like in 2021 with the White Sox.

Madrigal is the odd man out now that the Cubs have Dansby Swanson and Nico Hoerner in the middle of the infield. If the Cubs want to trade Madrigal as a result, the White Sox should be in line to get him back. He might not be the long-term answer but he is better than their internal options.

3. Eduardo Escobar

Eduardo Escobar signed with the New York Mets last off-season after an All-Star-worthy season in 2021. He was good in 2022 but he wasn't as good as the year before. This is a man that can play multiple positions but he would be perfect at second for the White Sox.

With Brett Baty ready to take over full-time at third base for the Mets, Francisco Lindor at shortstop, and Jeff McNeil at second base, Escobar could be trade bait. If the White Sox can get a piece like him in town via a trade, it would be really cool to see.

They were in on him in 2021 but the Milwaukee Brewers ended up getting him. We will see how his story turns out as the Mets continue to improve.

The White Sox would be really wise to make any kind of upgrade to the position. It doesn't have to be one of these guys for it to be a success but that would surely be nice. As long as the team gets better by the final result, everyone will be happy.

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