White Sox: 5 blockbuster trades that Rick Hahn should consider this off-season

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4. Anthony Santander

Anthony Santander would help the Chicago White Sox in every way.

The Chicago White Sox were not a very exciting team in 2022. They seemed like they didn't want to be there on most occasions which could be a large reason that they weren't very good. Something needs to change to get back on track. Hopefully, the new manager can help with that.

One team that did a good job with their attitude in 2022 was the Baltimore Orioles who surprised a lot of people with the season that they had. They are hoping to address some weaknesses and find themselves back in the playoffs as soon as 2023. They should be a lot of fun to watch.

One thing they might do is address a weakness with one of their strengths. They have a rather crowded outfield and the White Sox could obviously use some help in that area. Someone to consider in a trade is Anthony Santander.

A move like this would really be the type that both teams see as a win. The White Sox have things they can give the O's that would help them and a power-hitting outfielder like Santander would do wonders for this White Sox lineup.

Adding a guy who had 33 home runs in 2022 would be amazing considering the fact that Andrew Vaughn led the team with 17 home runs. Getting a deal like this done should be a must but we're talking about the White Sox.