White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

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Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is someone that could land the White Sox something nice.

In a perfect world, Timmy is untouchable. His mindset and work ethic is another representation of the South Side. Now with Abreu gone, he is an outstanding example of what it means to be a Southsider. Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world and the market for a shortstop is hot.

The Dodgers or Yankees would pay a hefty price for Anderson regardless of his injury past. He's a charismatic lead-by-example all-star who brings out the best in his teammates. It's a great reason to keep him and a great pitch to get a stacked return.

The only issue is, who replaces him at shortstop? Beyond this year, there are not many options for the White Sox. Internally, it's thin.

There's Romy Gonzalez or Leynn Sosa. Prospect-wise, Jose Rodriguez is next up but is hitting .224 in Double-A Birmingham right now. Colson Montgomery is at least three years away if he even stays at shortstop.

Externally, the shortstop free-agency market will be thin in the next few years. Anything can happen. Any player can become available. Who would've thought Mookie Betts would hit the market when he did?

The time to trade Tim Anderson is not here yet. There will be a time when the market will keep growing thinner.

The return for him could be a nice haul but that window to trade him and get that haul is open for at least another year or two. If the Sox can't figure it out by this trade deadline, it's likely to be Timmy's time next June.