White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

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Yoán Moncada

Yoan Moncada hasn't lived up to the hype in his time with the White Sox.

A majority of the fanbase has already given up on Yoán Moncada. Moving him would put Jake Burger in the starting lineup every day at third base to the delight of many.

The fact is the return for Moncada would not be ideal. The only reason the Sox would get a promising prospect would be due to Moncada's switch-handedness and gold-glove-caliber defense.

Moncada can give out bursts of great baseball. Once he hits a stride, he's driving the ball to all parts of the field. His strikeout numbers drop and walk rates rise once he slips into a groove. The only issue is once he finds that groove, he hits the IL.

The return for Moncada would not be worth it. However, if the stars align and Moncada is on a hot streak around the trade deadline, the desperation of a team could lead to a nice haul.

It would be nice to be a winning team with one of the first prospects to receive all the hype but if he can't channel that 2019 season into his career, it might be time to say goodbye.