White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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Luis Robert Jr.

Luis Robert Jr. would land the Chicago White Sox the most in a trade.

The best return the White Sox would get straight up for a player would be Luis Robert Jr. Despite Robert's injury history, his pitch is the same five-tool player the scouts said he would be.

He hits for contact, he hits for power, he's fast, has a strong arm, and can play gold-glove defense, covering about 60% of the outfield.

The only issue is he hasn't been that player all at once for the White Sox. He has seen some time on the IL, which has limited him. Robert has not gone on a long stretch of dominant baseball. Usually, right when he gets hot, he'll either hit the IL or strike out ten times in a row.

While tremendously inconsistent with the bat, the best return the White Sox would get from anyone on the team would be from Robert. If the Sox wanted to retool without damaging too much of what is already in place, trading Robert might be the key.

The best package, and most likely one, would be with a starter or a dominating reliever to be involved in the trade with Robert. It's impossible to predict the exact haul the Sox would get but the trade could likely cover three or even four weak points in the roster.